Saturday, June 26, 2010

Best Laid Plans

So for anyone who doesn't follow me on Twitter (and why aren't you following me on Twitter!?!), a brief recap of the "revisions" to the Plan for this cycle:

Plan went overboard with much mad flailing in the waters. Acupuncturist threw out a life vest, and RE rescue boat pulled it out of the water.

So the Plan WAS Clomid with monitoring on CD12 to set Hcg trigger time followed by IUI, with acupuncture before ovulation (CD11) and again after IUI for good measure. I was really nervous about the Hcg trigger shot, in spite of the many reassurances of my fabulous tweeps. But I am a Big Girl, and I will do what needs to be done (or at least let the Professor do it to me).

Now, I know that I tend to get a positive OPK a little earlier than might be expected (CD12) given that the CrazyPills should push ovulation out a bit. So I have gotten in the habit of starting the OPKs on CD10. This cycle, I wasn't going to use the OPK since we were going to use the trigger shot, but SOMETHING made me grab a stick on my way out the door to work on CD11. I told myself that I had two OPKs in the cabinet, and with houseguests impending, I needed to get rid of them.

Good thing, too. It was positive. Well that explains the achy ovaries...


Suddenly, the entire Plan was in disarray. Frantic call to RE to see what they wanted to do, and we scheduled in for an IUI Friday morning. All I could think was "I didn't test yesterday, what if it would have shown the surge YESTERDAY? It's too early, why is it so early? What if we've missed it?" All of this followed by a recurring string of profanity, from which I will preserve your delicate eyes/ears.

I left work early to go to my CD11 "pre-ovulation" acupuncture session in quite a state of anxiety.  The only ray of hope I could see was that the Professor and I seem to have seriously superior instincts about these things, and we had indulged those instincts the day before. Right on time. My acupuncturist felt like all of this was no big deal, we had done what needed to be done and she adjusted the treatment to be a post-insemination treatment. The IUI would just be back-up. She must have added something else in to the mix, because I slept through almost the whole hour and a half treatment and woke up feeling calm and reasonable again.

Friday morning IUI went smoothly, administered by our favorite nurse, Nurse FunnyBone. I had her once before and really love her sense of humor, sensitivity and down-to-earth confidence. She had them add in E2 and LH blood work to verify that the OPK positive was accurate. I don't know how they did it so fast, but they called with the results two hours later. Ovulation confirmed.

At least I've already got the progesterone supp's in the fridge!

Here we go...


  1. HOORAY for ovulation. fingers crossed for you!

    (what would jen do)