This is a list of things I want to do at some point in my life. I made the list because I don't want to lose track in the insanity that is everyday life. Some are things I've always wanted, others are desires that have come to me along the way. I'm sure I will continue to add to the list, even as I cross things off.

1.   Spend at least 1 week @ an Ayurvedic spa in India
2.   Get my credit card balance to $0
3.   Pay off my student loans (February 2011)
4.   See the pyramids in Egypt
5.   Learn to scuba dive
6.   Vacation in the Caribbean
7.   Endow a scholarship at my alma mater
8.   Visit Greece (October 1993)
9.   Own a vacation home
10. Visit Hawaii (June 2004)
11. Buy a house (July 2006)
12. Get a tattoo (May 1995)
13. Go to DisneyWorld
14. Go on a cruise
15. See a real archeological dig
16. Plan and take a BBC Mystery tour of the UK
18. Speak fluent French
19. Visit the farm my food comes from
20. Build a fire pit in my back yard
21. Dye my hair green
22. Watch my mother drive a race car (July 2012)
23. See the Northern Lights
24. Own a convertible (1987-95)
25. See the Grateful Dead play live (April 1995)