Sunday, December 9, 2012

Uncharted Territory

We had our first ultrasound late last week. One little inhabitant with a heartbeat, measuring exactly on target. This is a first in our four year journey. There were more than two people with tears in their eyes at the clinic that morning. I swear the nurses came out of the woodwork to congratulate us. It was so very sweet.

I have to admit, it was just a little bittersweet to see that there was only one. We will not be doing another cycle for any reason. We are done, and there are no freezer babies. If this little one makes it, he/she will be an only child. It's hard to explain... we are both only children and I think we are feeling the pressure as our parents begin to age. I suppose a sibling is no guarantee of shared burden or support, but it just seems like it would be nice to have one.

I had blood work done as well and they are beginning to wean me off some of my meds already. I will have one more blood draw in two weeks to determine the next dosage reduction and will be off all meds entirely sometime between Christmas and New Year's. SO SOON!

As my midwife requested, I sent her an email after the scan to let her know the details. She was also very excited and told me to go ahead and call for an appointment. Sadly, I will not be having another scan, probably until the NT scan with my midwife in January (I think).