Thursday, August 18, 2011

On Your Mark... (UPDATED)

Thursday was CD1, so I called the RE to check on my calendar and confirm my protocol for the IVF Do-Over. Turns out, when the IVF team had their planning meeting for the next round, they decided to change my plan a little.

No BCP. No Lupron. No suppression at all.

They decided that since there was sufficient possibility that the BCP contributed to my complete and utter lack of response last time and since my cycles are so quaintly regular, that they would not risk repeating the previous failure. This means that on my September CD1, I will have completed my three month course of DHEA (to boost ovarian response and egg quality) and will go straight to stims unsuppressed.

This should be interesting.

UPDATE: I suppose I should have mentioned, they are going to stick with my original IVF protocol (minus the BCP suppression), adding Ganirelix near the end to suppress the LH surge and keep the follicles from popping off on their own.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Batter Up

Or something like that... I don't do sports, so I can't be 100% certain. I'm anticipating CD1 any day now (started spotting today, just ahead of schedule) which means a call to the RE to set the IVF calendar and recheck the med supply for the adjusted protocol.

Work continues to be batshit crazy, in spite of this being the down season and our busy season begins... well, this week I suppose. So much for a summer break. I think I took two whole days off all summer. Next opportunity for time off will be Thanksgiving. If you don't count the days I plan to take off for retrieval and transfer... because those should be such a refreshing break from the work week, ya know.

Hold me.

Until lift-off, I'm just taking my DHEA and drinking my wheat grass. Thrilling stuff here people, thrilling stuff.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

No More Needle Naps

It just occurred to me that I never updated you on my first visit to the new acupuncturist. I know you were all holding your breath waiting for that information, so you can relax now - I'll put you out of your misery. First a quick recap.

Short Story: I've been seeing the same acupuncturist for about 10 years for various ailments here and there. She occasionally tried to get me to take herbs, but I'm not going there. Just can't do it. She got pushy, so I fired her. Long Story.

Things that are different:

  • New acu is a man, old acu was a woman. Wasn't sure how that would play out, but it turned out fine.
  • New acu is in my town, not the next town over. The shorter commute is certainly nice!
  • New acu is a fertility specialist, recommended by my clinic. He doesn't criticize my clinic - imagine that.
  • He is not recommending herbs for my protocol. I asked upfront.
  • He is very hands-on, makes constant adjustments. He schedules one patient at a time and never leaves the room. 
  • He doesn't take insurance. I'll have to submit claims myself, but at this point, whatever.

No more needle naps for me.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Two cousins.
One uncle.
One grandfather.

All lost to my family in the last twelve months. Two long-anticipated, and yet still mourned. Two tragic and untimely, grieved in shock and disbelief. And the unspoken question on my mind (is it on anyone else's?): What next?