Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Familiar Stretch of Road

So yeah.

At 14dpo I had no signs of an impending period, so I consulted the Oracle of the Almighty Stick, and the Stick said NO. At 15dpo with no change, I went in for my beta. An hour or so after the nurse called to confirm the negative, my period arrived full on. No spotting, just a little cramping and BAM!

Looks like the acupuncture got my cycle fixed up right.

When the Crazies hit me before this last IUI, I told myself that if it didn't take this time, I was giving my body a month off the meds and another month of acupuncture treatments to tweak my cycles and provide some stress relief. When the nurse called with the BFN, I told her this and let her know that I had some questions for the doctor. She suggested a follow-up consult with the RE in 2 weeks. So we're all set to get back to basics this cycle, and I hope to have a better idea of the Plan Going Forward after this next appointment.

It has indeed been a rough week. Big thanks to my tweeps and the folks who dropped by from LFCA to show their support. I encourage you all to drop by there and see who else needs a little love today.


  1. Sorry for the negative, but glad you're feeling a bit better.

  2. I'm so sorry about AF's arrival. I hope the cycle off from the meds helps your body get back on track. I also hope the consult with the RE goes well and you can work out a good plan for moving forward. Sending hugs.

  3. So sorry for the bfn. ::flips off infertility:: ((hugs))

  4. I honor your call for support when it is fighting a suck week. I am so sorry to see since the announcement you got a BFN.

    AF is a bitch, sneaking in like this. She has done this to me too. I think I hate her, but dammit, I need her. It is a suck relationship, just like a suck wk.

    Be strong. You can do this.