Monday, June 21, 2010

The Man I Love

The Professor. He basically rocks.

He is so damn smart. Well-educated and well-read, but also just innately clever. He masters concepts and subject matters that make my eyes cross. He teaches me something new every single day, and yet he never makes me feel stupid.

He is funny (hello - Confuterus?). He is a master of the pun, and the double entendre. He has the most delicious sense of the absurd and a refreshing willingness to be silly. Even at my lowest moments, he can always coax a giggle from me. Laughter is so important in our house, and he is a fabulous source of it.

He is hot! I mean smokin'... There isn't a single part of him that I would change. He has a certain natural charisma that draws people to him with no real effort on his part. He gets hit on more often than he likes to admit (always has). I love it that he now has a wedding band to wave around when this happens.

He is kind. To me, to strangers, to children and small animals... he doesn't even kill spiders! All I have to do is call out and he will come trap a bug and escort it outside for release (Except centipedes - they get no quarter around here).

He is my safe place. Wherever he is, there I feel secure. He is protective of me, he takes care of me. He is strong and confident when I am not. It feels like he can solve any problem, but in the rare instance that he cannot, he makes any discomfort or uncertainty bearable.

When I was much younger, I used to pride myself on emotional self-sufficiency. When the Professor first came into my life, I was constantly doing need-checks on our relationship... consciously evaluating how it would affect me if he suddenly vanished from my life, and trying to keep the need-level to a minimum. It's very scary thing to truly open yourself up to incorporating another person into your life on the whole.

Somewhere along the way, I grew up. And now... I cannot imagine a life without him. I still occasionally need-check (old habits die hard) and I know that if he vanished from my life forever, I would never fully recover. And that is freaking terrifying.

Would I trade the relationship I have with him now for emotional protection against the prospect of losing him? Not a chance in hell.


  1. What a great husband! I'm glad you two found each other (I bet he would be similarly glowing if allowed to post on you). I feel like so many of us in this corner of the internet are very lucky in love.

  2. I loved this post. You can definitely sense the love that you two have. I'm so glad that you found each other. Perfect love is an amazing feeling.

  3. I hope he gets to rad this wonderful entry. While you sound very lucky to have him, I'd say he's just as lucky to have you. It's so important to have someone like him by your side during these tough times.

  4. Awww, you two sound perfect together :-).

  5. So great. It's really important to remind ourselves how lucky we are go have such a supportive other half during this.

  6. Ok... I hope he appreciates this post and returns the compliments in every way possible. This is a super lovely post and if he's not sending you flowers and performing acts that only a husband can peform to show his appreciation, I'm writing him an email. Very, very sweet... I even got a cavity reading it. :) -- Jay