Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cycle Number... Hell, I'm Losing Count

CD3 baseline appointment went well. Confuterus is still in there, slightly less confused at the moment. Rightie was hanging out, a cyst free grey shadow on the monitor. There was a brief moment of terror when she aimed the magic wand at my left ovary and I saw three distinct dark circles along one side. But she just said, "Looks good" and went on clicking out measurements. So I asked what the dark spots were and she went back to them.

"Three follicles at the starting gate - you are ready to go!"

No cysts (thank God) and the blood work came back clear as well. I'll start back on the Clomid this Friday, go back for monitoring the next Friday and get my trigger time. IUI should be over that weekend. Will also call my acupuncturist to see when she prefers me to come in, before ovulation or after IUI.

My Mom comes to visit that next Monday (and is staying for 10 days), so she will be an unwitting distraction during my 2WW.


  1. 3 follicles yay! I don't know about you and your mom, but if my mom were coming to stay for ten days, i'd prefer the 2ww alone. not that i don't love her, she just drives me crazy!!


  2. Awesome! Looks like this cycle is off to a good start.