Friday, June 4, 2010

Once More, With Feeling

Present Day - Cycle #17

Which basically brings my story up to date. Once again, baseline ultrasound clear and non-pregnant status confirmed, we are rolling with the Clomid/IUI and home OPK testing. This time for good measure, they threw in a mid-cycle ultrasound with blood work and added progesterone suppositories to the treatment plan. I'm throwing acupuncture back into the mix as well.

I had been getting acupuncture for a couple of months before the pregnancy/miscarriage. It has been shown to be beneficial in complimenting fertility treatments and it certainly made me feel better. But with my boss out on maternity leave during our busy season, I couldn't justify the added time out of the office.

I still haven't told my coworkers about my infertility and treatments. Sometimes I want to, not just as a way to explain my many doctor appointments but also to explain my mood swings, exhaustion and the other physical symptoms the raging hormones inflict (headaches, nausea and mush-brain to name a few). But still I hesitate. We are a very small group, only five people including me. I know that one person would feel sorry me and one would question why I even wanted kids, my boss would be cool about it but I have no idea what our director's reaction would be. I THINK he'd be cool, but I don't KNOW. So I'm not telling.

The mid-cycle ultrasound showed five follicles on the left ovary, only two of which were mature, and one immature follicle on the right ovary. This was a bit of a revelation for me. I only ever feel ovulation on the right side, so I had developed a theory that Leftie was the slacker. What if, maybe, it's Rightie that has issues and that's why I only feel ovulation on that side. What if Leftie is just fine, thank you very much, and Rightie hurts because there's something wrong there? Just an interesting thought.

The blood work came back normal, estrogen just where it should be but no LH surge. I was told to use the home OPK and expect a surge any day. And next day, right on schedule, positive OPK. I called and scheduled the IUI for the following morning and the nurse called in the prescription for the progesterone. I never felt the ovulation (go Leftie!).

So now, here we sit, in the middle of the two week wait. Still hoping that we can make this work.

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  1. Today I told my boss what was going on with my infertility only because we are about to get down to serious business and start IVF. i couldn't figure out how to explain away random and very last minute appts to him. So I bit the bullet and told him and it went well and he's legally bound to keep my secret. I actually feel better after having told him.