Monday, March 14, 2011

Watch This Space (UPDATED)

My pre-IVF appointment is this afternoon, so I'm sitting at my desk biting my nails.

I'll post an update when I get home from acupuncture this evening.

UPDATED: I forgot to take my list of questions. Not the most auspicious beginning to the IVF process. I managed to remember most of them, and I'm putting them down here for my own reference as much as anything else. 

We got a whole checklist to get in order before we get started and a raft of new blood tests got ordered (I call in with my April CD1). Prof has to have an extra-special-IVF-SA which they will freeze as back-up for the IVF. In the vent of his untimely demise, those sperms are to be used to get me knocked up if I so desire. It's written and signed. Beyond that, we start whenever we are ready. I think we're gonna shoot for June.

Melatonin (forgot to ask, not really worried right now)
Acupuncture On-Site: (forgot to ask, still time to check later)
Success Rates: My clinic has been improving themselves since the last batch of success rates were published! A new batch came out last week and my clinic actually had better rates than some of THE BEST clinics in NYC. They beat the pants off the Second Opinion clinic (like, triple the success rates).
My lining: Has never been of particular concern.
Egg Quality/Mature Eggs: Dr. Original said my stimulated follicular phases were textbook length, not too short and the Lu.pron is what will give us time to get the most mature eggs.
Protocol: The whole team of RE's in the practice review each patient's charts before an IVF cycle and they decide collectively what the protocol should be. Kinda cool! He thinks mine will be pretty standard, BCP/Lu.pron/GonalF/Ovi.drel/PIO. The BCP will be the same brand I always took before we started this whole baby-making gambit, so that's a comfort. I have almost enough GonalF in my vegetable drawer for IVF. I think I know how to get more. Dr. Original stated that my stimulated IUI's were relatively low-dosage for a woman my age and he thinks I'll use one pen per day during IVF.
ICSI: Yes, due to my age and our lack of real success in other cycles. Although, we will probably go with PICSI (partial-ICSI). This means they will ICSI half of however many eggs we get and let the rest fertilize naturally. We like this option because we feel like it may give us insight into what our problem might be. And if we get a baby girl, I'm totally calling her Pixie. No one ever needs to know.
Assisted Hatching: Yes. Due to my age.
PIO vs PIO for the 2WW. He said I could use whichever I preferred, but that HE recommends the PIO until beta. He did say they would probably switch me to once pregnancy was established.
Financials: We've decided to do one round to see my response and what quality eggs/embryos we get. We'll revisit the B2G1Refund option if needed.

SIDE NOTE: When reviewing the success rates, Dr. Original checked my chart for my age. He said, "Age... 38? Well. I wouldn't have guessed that." Have I mentioned how awesome he is?


  1. Good luck!! IVF is daunting in the beginning - but in no time you'll be speaking the lingo, reading your own ovary ultrasounds, and rattling off the oh so many long list of drugs. I also did acupuncture with my IVF. In fact I did it with my frozen cycle since my fresh cycle failed. I think you're off to a good start! If you're interested - I can tell you about my PIO fiasco!

  2. This sounds like an excellent plan. I can't wait for this to all go down.

  3. Sounds like a really good appointment, even if you did start off with a tiny, minor mishap. I LOVE a doctor that gives an offhanded compliment! Great bedside manor! :) And I love the idea of Pixie. I'm excited for you to get going!!

  4. Hey, sounds like a great appointment! I'm totally loving the name Pixie :-))
    Not too long to go now, yay

  5. I'm with Moon, Pixie sounds ace!

    Great news on the success rates, you're in good hands!!


  6. Sounds pretty great. I LOVE the fact that the RE's all confer with one another about a plan. That's awesome.

  7. great success rates! Excited for you to get started