Thursday, March 3, 2011

Plan Y

Plan A (Stop BCP)
Plan B (OPK+timed intercourse)
Plan C (acupuncture)
Plan D (Clo.mid+IUI)
Plan E (Clo.mid+triggered IUI)
Plan F (Gon.alF+triggered IUI)

We've tried so many plans and variants of plans and repetitions of seemingly successful plans, and yet. Here we are two plus years on with no baby. We are making one more plan. The next to last plan.

Plan Y (IVF)

Plan Z is taking the turn off of the IF highway to grow old with the Professor and start putting our spare income towards seeing some of the places we've always wanted to see and knocking off some of the items on our Life Lists.


  1. Plan Z sounds very enticing but I really really really hope Plan Y works for you xx

  2. I hope Plan Y becomes Plan A: your first step to bringing home your baby.

  3. I certainly hope that Plan Z is not in the cards until Plan Y turns 18.

  4. I think Plan Y is an excellent choice :). And I pray that Play Y turns into Baby A :). xoxo

  5. I hear you . . . I think I have run out of the alphabet plans and am onto numbers. here's to looking ahead with hope and optimism!

  6. It's not proven science, but I have heard that Plan Y's are typically pretty failsafe. ;-) At least, I hope so. Good luck! Thinking of you. Rooting for you.

  7. Hope Plan Y is the last planning you need before planning for a baby coming home!

  8. Amen to ALL of these comments!!!