Thursday, August 5, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

Y'all that totally did not hurt.

We've started the GonalF shots. I say "we" because the Professor is currently performing the injections for me. I say "currently" because now that I know exactly how little they hurt, I am determined to do this myself (under his expert supervision) before we are finished. I think I'll still let him do most of them for a number of reasons. I know I have an hourglass figure, but I somehow never realized until this evening how tricky it is to look directly at my belly because my boobs stick out so far. It's a curse. More than that though, I want the Professor to be as heavily involved in this process as possible. And I like when he does stuff to take care of me. Sticking me with a tiny needle and injecting me with hormones totally counts as taking care of me, especially since I was so scared to begin with.

I was so anxious about this first shot that I couldn't even think about food when I got home from work, in spite of my hunger. I basically sat on the couch and waited for eight o'clock to roll around. I re-read the instructions that came with the injector pen. I made the Professor re-read the instructions as well. I had him recite the procedure in full detail from memory as we set up shop in the bathroom.

I pinched. He poked. We counted to five and it was over. I barely felt it.

Professor admitted after the fact that in spite of his experience at this particular task, it had been hard to do that to me, because it was ME. I assured him it really was painless and we had a good giggle about how anxious I'd made both of us.

God I'm starving! Time to order a pizza to celebrate!


  1. Good work, your first GonalF shot. I am happy it didn't hurt. Its funny for me to think back to the first time I gave myself a shot, I took the entire day off work in anticipation of it. How many shots do you have to do? Good luck, I hope this brings you to your long-awaited goal!

  2. Glad to hear it wasn't so bad!

  3. I may have already commented. I seem to be having a problem with remembering the captcha code. Anyway, in the event I didn't, I just want to say...

    Yay! Good job!