Friday, August 27, 2010

New Blog Friday with Infertility Overachievers (UPDATED)

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If you are here visiting from New Blog Friday at Infertility Overachievers - Welcome!

Obviously, my name isn’t really Slackie, but my beloved husband is an extremely private man and he has requested that I keep my online presence anonymous. Since this is his story too, and since I love and respect him, I concede that point. I call myself Slackie because my diagnosis was Luteal Phase Deficiency. In my own words, I have lazy ovaries – a couple of slackers if ever there were… If you want to start at the very beginning, you can find all the basics here. Check the sidebar to see my cycle history (Not That Anyone's Counting).

You find me in a bit of a blue spot at the moment. I wish I had some humor to offer you, something clever and entertaining. A song, a dance, even a knock-knock-joke. Truth is, I'm just trying to keep hold of that sunshine, but there's a pretty dark cloud overhead today.

Yesterday was CD1. Four days early. Even the nurse who scheduled my baseline for this morning was puzzled by that one. 20 cycles y'all. TWENTY failures. Good follicles, good lining, good timing, good blood work. And yet, here we are again. Last cycle was my first on injectibles. I didn't really expect to get a positive this time. I was treating it as a practice run, you know, getting to know how my body would respond to the new protocol. With three follicles triggered and progesterone supplements aplenty, this early end was decidedly unexpected. I've already determined to hit the acupuncture a little harder and get back to my yoga. What else?

I hope today's appointment will provide, if not answers, at least some ideas for new directions to try. I'll update when I get home this evening.

UPDATE (as promised): Thanks for the comments and well wishes, both here and on Twitter! No clear ideas as to why things went sideways just at the end of last cycle, and some small possible cysts were hanging out on Leftie. The doctor was uncertain if we should proceed with treatment this cycle due to those maybe-cysts, but my blood work came back great so it's full steam ahead! GonalF dosages got tweaked and my progesterone will be doubled up in the luteal phase this time. I'm also gonna hit the acupuncture weekly instead of every other week. Cross your fingers that the insurance will cover the GonalF refill - there was some question over that when I called it in this afternoon.


  1. I really hate when everything just looks SO GOOD and then in the end it's another BFN. do try to keep ahold of that sunshine

  2. I hope you do get answers today...perhaps a tweak here and there??? Good luck!

    Zucchini: make bread...lots of it. It freezes quite well and can be given as gifts. Also awesome sliced length-wise, drizzled with olive oil and garlic and roasted :)

  3. Wow, I didn't realize that we were cycling together this month! I'm on CD3 right now... here's to hoping for some luck this month!

  4. Congrats on being featured.

    Sorry about CD1 :(

  5. APlusBWaiting4C left the following comment, and my fat finger missed the Publish button on my phone & deleted it accidentally. Can't figure out how to undo that so here it is:

    Sorry about CD1. Unfortunately sometimes it takes several tries with the injectibles (I got pregnant on my third, and after 5 Clomid cycles). The good news is that your body responds and there's no *reason* you're not getting pregnant. You just had bad luck - fingers crossed so hard that next cycle the luck falls on the right side.