Sunday, October 2, 2011


Realization: I've been poking tiny holes in my chances of success with IVF.

I've been slacking on my efforts to be healthy in preparation. Nothing major. A glass of wine here and there. Not as much exercise as I should be getting and I still haven't dropped the last ten pounds to get me into the "Healthy" BMI range. I'm having a cup of coffee almost every day (granted, most days it's decaf *ptooie*). Prof hasn't been taking his vitamins and I haven't been pushing him to remember.

Yeah, I'm taking my prenatals and my DHEA. I'm doing my acupuncture. But I'm also letting a lot of little things slide. I admit, I'm sick and tired of staying on top of all these details. I'm starting to wonder if I'm setting myself up with excuses for what I see is the inevitable failure of this yet-to-begin cycle.


  1. i think it is totally normal to let things slide here and there. IVF itself is a ton of pressure, and to make yourself feel guilty because you're not doing everything that anyone has ever suggested would increase the chances of success is just adding to the pressure on your shoulders- and let's not forget that people say it's important to relax, too! :-P

    so i say enjoy your coffee and wine and the little things that are keeping you sane (HUG). IVF is no walk in the park, and i'm praying that this time will be your success cycle!!!

  2. I think if we don't take some time to have those indulgences (if you can even call them indulgences as they really are every day life things that the fertile community get to do without even thinking), I think we'd go insane. And if it makes you feel any better, my RE said I should lose weight (I put on this weight BECAUSE of my IVF's mind you), I only lost like 5 pounds and ended up getting pregnant on the 3rd IVF so... in short... I don't think it effected me any. Now go have some wine!

  3. I think you're being too hard on yourself. Do what you are capable of, and don't beat yourself up for slipping sometimes. It happens to the best of us, and I'm sure it will have no effect on your cycle.