Saturday, October 8, 2011

Is It Time to Panic Yet? (UPDATED)

I have a sneaky feeling I'm fucked.

iPhone says CD1 should be Monday and I'm just now starting to get some mild cramping and backache and acne. Just like last cycle (with the wonky progesterone levels), there are a few PMS symptoms that are missing. I have been running through various scenarios in my head surrounding the beginning of IVF The Remix, and none of them are particularly good. At this point, the only possible start date that won't end badly is if my CD1 is about a week late.* Not beyond the realm of reason, but not bloody likely either.

So this is sort of like one of those "choose your own ending" stories, but much more expensive. Here are the most plausible story lines I've worked out.

OPTION ONE: If CD1 shows up between now and next Saturday, and we get the all-clear to start stims, we are nearly guaranteed that retrieval will occur around the 21st-22nd. This is, naturally, the absolute most important two days in my entire work year. Roughly equivalent to the convenience of having retrieval on Christmas morning. Please believe that I am not exaggerating.

OPTION TWO: If CD1 shows up between now and next Saturday, and we do NOT get the all-clear to stim due to a repeat of last cycle's weird blood levels, I will probably be put on BCP for suppression. This would lead to a stim cycle with retrieval likely the week of Thanksgiving, when we have family staying in our house for the holiday. Oh joy.

In this eventuality, if we start stims but do not get to retrieval... we will not be permitted to try again in December. Which means I will lose the $5,000 still sitting in my FSA for this purpose. A not-insignificant chunk of my already small salary that I have worked for and would be forced to forfeit. This would also mean another year of maxing out my FSA (and the consequential tiny paychecks).

OPTION THREE: If we are stuck with Option Two and do not get the all-clear to start, then there remains a very slim chance that we could roll with an early December cycle. But really? If it reaches that point, I have absolutely no faith that anything might go our way.

Can you tell I've given this a little thought?

*I realize there is one last option, but we're not going to discuss that here. Seriously, please don't even bring it up. I will flip my shit.

UPDATED: In response to the first comment, because my IVF meds are covered in exchange for my final, un-used, covered IUI cycle and I've already met my co-insurance for the year... any meds I order before the end of the year will be covered at 100%. While this is lovely, it means that none of that will come from my FSA. And I have already paid the remainder of the IVF cycle in full, but the insurance (and thus the FSA) don't process any claims until the procedure is actually performed. So yeah, if IVF doesn't happen before December 31, 2011, that FSA balance is forfeit.


  1. Not sure totally how FSA's work or what is already covered for you by insurance, but could you use the 5K before December to go ahead and order meds to stockpile in your fridge for when you're cleared to try again after Dec? Or even go ahead and pay for part of the next attempt--like have a credit with the clinic?

  2. I thought FSA monies were based on the Fiscal Calendar, which meant you had until March to use them. Or should I put down the bong? Donna Angelo @oldcrybaby

  3. Ooooh- what the pp said! Our FSA allows us to spend up to March 31st of the next year.

    Not that I WANT that to happen for you.

  4. C'mon, Slackie's bod, help a girl out.

  5. I was thinking what EBC was thinking. None of this is covered by actual insurance anyway. An FSA isn't insurance - it's your own damn money, that those bastards steal if you don't use it quickly enough. Would the clinic agree to charge you for the procedure, process it through your FSA, and then just leave that as a clinic credit for you until you're ready to use it? Of course, I hope you're not in the situation of stimming but not making it to retrieval, but if you could at least plan for this eventuality, it might relieve some of the $$ stress.

  6. Urgh. Stupid FSA. I'm sorry hon. :-(
    Crossing my fingers and toes that it goes as smoothly and ideally as possible!