Friday, May 13, 2011


I never have had any hint of acknowledgment of my NIAW letter to Human Resources requesting the addition of IVF coverage to our health plans. Crickets. Disappointing, but not surprising.

All of our pre-IVF testing came back clear. Prof deposited his back-up swim team at the clinic. Our medication teaching appointment is set for next Thursday and the IVF Team (we have a whole team!) has presumably created our plan, but no one has called yet to share it with me. I'm guessing we'll get it at the appointment next week.

I did speak with a nurse a couple of days ago, and she gave me a tentative meds list:

BCP (already taking them)
Ovidrel trigger

I've already got all my GonalF (13 pens... ugh) and my Ovidrel thanks to leftovers from my covered IUIs. It only just occurred to me that the BCPs were covered by my insurance when I went to pick them up. Nice.

I also spoke to the IVF financial coordinator at my clinic in preparation for making payment arrangements, and she called my insurance for me and found they will cover my IVF monitoring appointments since I still have one unused covered IUI left on my plan. HUGE help there! She is submitting paperwork for me to find out if they will also cover the rest of my meds.

Sneaking up on IVF, one step at a time.


  1. Wow - it sounds like things are really coming together. I'm so glad monitoring is covered - that's huge!! Good luck darling. I'm rooting for you BIG TIME!

  2. GOod luck! Any little bit helps, so that's great that you have the Gonal and will get some monitoring covered too.

  3. that is very frustrating that nobody even responded to your letter, so sorry. I still give you tons of credit for having the courage to send it.
    wishing you tons of luck with this IVF cycle.

  4. Whoa. IVF is CREEPING UP! I can't believe it. :) Wishing you lots of luck. I'll be here cheering for you. (You know, we should really have infertility pom-poms for this type of thing...)

  5. Woo hoo, great news that everything is coming together now. Good luck sweetie xx

  6. Sounds like you are getting everything set up. I forget... what Dr are you seeing? You can email if you want to keep it private. I was just curious. I have seen 5 DRs in NYC and pretty much know about all of the other ones from friends.

    Hopin' everything continues to fall into place and that the human resource dept wises!


  7. Yes, it is indeed sneaking up! Before you know it you will be stimming. Glad all of the tests came back clear.
    It sucks that you didn't get a response but one can hope that your efforts will have some impact at some point.