Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cycle #22 Report Card

This report card details progress made by Miss Leftie in the 22nd cycle TTC.

7dpo Progesterone: 14
(A+) Excellent number and much improved over past results. Congratulations Leftie!

Luteal Phase: 14 days
(A+) Exemplary behavior, again much improved over past cycles.

Pregnancy Achieved: Negative
(F) This is an area that needs significantly more work on Leftie's part in order to achieve a satisfactory grade. Must try harder.


Recommendations for improvement:


  1. This is a cool way to report things. I hope you get an a on pregnancy achieved next cycle.

  2. Good effort, Leftie. I hope it's a straight A report card next time x

  3. Dang it! Sorry that CD1 is there... I'd say that the 14 day LP is really good news, though, so let's be happy for that!!

  4. Good summation, although I know not the desired effect. Fingers crossed for an A+ all around next time. Hang in there.

  5. I hate that CD1 came but am SO happy for you and your luteal phase! Woot woot! This is GREAT news! I so hope this next cycle is it for you and there's no IVF in your future...ever.