Monday, October 29, 2012

One Step Closer

We had our lining check and YAY for another 10mm triple stripe! My ovaries may be slackers, but my uterus is a very diligent worker. We are expecting an update on the donor's progress any day, at which point we will have a better idea what the rest of the calendar looks like. Of course, like any IVF cycle, things will remain flexible and tentative until the last minute. Naturally, this has served as a wake-up call to the hamsters in my brain and my anxiety has suddenly exploded. Until quite recently, I was calm and unconcerned. Today, I need more information like a junkie needs a fix. I am ready to crawl out of my skin for lack of information. I also feel like I have a massive reserve of energy that needs to be targeted to some sort of "productive" project. Like a crochet blanket, or perhaps building a second bathroom on our house. With my bare hands.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

We also had our IM injection instruction "refresher". We did have the verbal instruction a year and half ago, but as we never made it to retrieval in an IVF cycle, we have never had an opportunity to put it into practice. THUS. Prof had to perform a practice injection in the presence of the nurse when my lining check was complete. Neither of us was expecting that. I mean, we knew we would have to do a PIO injection at some point, just not right that moment.

The nurse did a dry run so we could see the process and drew the targets on my hips. I was surprised how high up and how small the viable area was. Not much room for site rotation in those little circles... I was having a really hard time refraining from vomiting and/or running from the room in a panic with my pants around my knees. The nurse then turned it over to Prof and he did the actual injection (with saline only as it's still too early in the cycle for actual PIO). He totally nailed it! I barely felt it. That great huge needle, all those nerves... and it was much less painful than a flu shot.

I've seen so much talk about the trauma of PIO injections. The huge needle, the excruciating pain... I know that once we're dealing with oil instead of saline the after-effects will be more troublesome, but at least I've conquered the fear of the giant needle itself.


  1. So glad to hear the Prof was successful with the mock-PIO! Yaaayayaya!!! Thinking of you!

  2. Well done!

    If you can get progesterone in ethyl oleate it's even easier than progesterone in oil. But I never found the progesterone shots painful. Awkward yes, painful no. And the needle is intimidating, but you have a lot fewer nerves in the area you're injecting into.

    Hoping you get a great update on your donor soon!

  3. I can't get the image of you running out of the office with your pants down out of my head. Yeah, that was my husband when I pulled out the needles for the PIO injections. He doesn't do well.

    I love your lining...sounds perfect! I hope things continue in a positive direction and you get good news from the donor soon!

  4. Eeeekkk, you're getting closer!!! Everything is crossed for you. :)

  5. Happy news on the stripe. Hope the PIO shot goes well for you. I used to pinpoint the area for J with my fingers and he never had to re-do it. The oil is a bit different than the saline and sometimes it did hurt a bit more. If it does heating pad after or ice maybe?

  6. Good news, glad your uterus is cooperating! Very exciting wont be long now...good luck hope it all goes smoothly.