Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Base(line)

Baseline hurdle cleared! Ovaries quiet*, lining very thin, estrogen at 16, progesterone at <.5 and my checking account is down nearly $7K.

My very own RE did my exam and a quick mock transfer (which he described as "easy"). He also complimented my choice of toenail polish. Either my normally un-pedicured feet made a massive impression on him in the past, or (for my choice) he just clearly has good taste. I mean really, who doesn't like a nice frosty orange pedicure for the summer months? Having approved my pedicure, my cervix and my ovaries, he gave me permission to reclaim my pants and meet him in the consult room to review The Plan. We looked over the calendar again, completed all the paperwork, signed our consents and were off.

One little hiccup at the checkout desk, as my debit card was declined when I went to pre-pay the (exorbitant**) bill. Turns out that thing has a $3K per day spending limit. Oops. It never occurred to me to call my bank ahead of time and let them know I was making this charge. Luckily, they had it sorted in under ten minutes so I could pay up and move on to lunch with the Professor. But for a minute there... my heart stopped. The other thing I realized this morning was that I'll be getting my 1% rebate on this charge since I used my debit card as a credit card. That will make for a nice little dinner out with the Professor!

*For the sake of comparison: my right ovary measured 30mm this morning. We're ideally looking to recruit multiple follicles on that ovary at 20mm+. I have a feeling things are gonna get a little cramped in there.

**I do actually realize that my just under $7K IVF bill is far from the level of "exorbitant" that many others have to pay, but still. It's all relative.


  1. (First blog comment I've been able to leave in forever... stupid blogger!) $7k is exorbitant regardless of anyone else's circumstances! But I have so much hope for you.

  2. wishing you the very best this cycle. fingers and toes are crossed for you...

  3. Well, thank the flying spaghetti monster your pedicure is up to snuff!

  4. Yay! Great news! So when do you start stims? I know what you mean about cramped pelvic quarters, I am finding these engorged ovaries make me think I want to pee all the time and its a bit uncomfortable when I sit down.

    You just made me realise I should have paid my IVF bill by credit card! At least then I would have received loyalty points. Drat!

    Wishing your (previously slack) ovaries many follies!

  5. Wonderful news that your toes, ovaries and uterus are ready to go! Good luck to you!

  6. I'm so happy to see that you've got the green light for the cycle. It sounds like your body is perfectly prepped to start gowing those multiple follies.

    That IVF bill is higher than anyone should HAVE to pay regardless of whether it's higher or lower than other people!!

  7. infertility has forever skewed what i consider to be "exorbitant".... so while $7k might seem crazy low or high to some people, we have all had our not-so-fair share of crazy bills to try to have kids...

    that is hilarious that he commented on your toes!! haha :)

  8. Congrats on having such exemplary toes, ovaries and cervix - hope the rest of the cycle goes as smoothly. Just started my ivf cycle today so I hope we're both celebrating very soon...

  9. 7 k?! Ouch.

    Hope that the rest of this cycle goes as smoothly - fx for you!