Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh FFS...

I got home from work today and checked the mail to discover a small padded envelope. What could this be? What had I ordered... hmmmmm? OH right. The internet-cheapie HPTs. That I was going to use to test out the trigger shot... that I didn't get to take because my IVF cycle got cancelled.

Nice. Have a nice weekend!

Even better, I discovered this was what the envelope contained, not by reading the shipping label to see who the sender was or even by opening it to examine the contents. I knew what was in the envelope because the INSTRUCTIONS for use were in a nice clear adhesive sleeve on the OUTSIDE of the envelope. This is one medical supplier that missed school the day they taught the lesson on treating your clients with discretion.

And the best part? Apparently, they also missed the lesson on truth in advertising. These so-called midstream HPTs actually require urine to be collected in a container and then applied to the test window using a dropper. Four drops precisely. What exactly in this procedure indicates anything "midstream"?

Seriously. FFS.


  1. OMG - I have to be honest - this is why I never went after internet cheapies. Granted I've wasted 5 years on BFNs lol..... but I hate the confusion of the cheapies.

    Hang in there!!

  2. That is horrible!!! I would definitely be calling their cs department and complaining....So much for discretion or patient privacy...and I never went after the internet cheapies either....I went through a bunch of the CMEdigitals, but after seeing the not pregnant over and over...I switched to the FRER...sorry for the crappy start to your weekend!

  3. So not cool! I'd be complaining too.

    (But, I don't know what you use to collect, but I find disposable Dixie cups work pretty OK).