Monday, September 20, 2010

Benched & Back at the Drawing Board

Well, I went in for a baseline appointment this morning (CD4). I started crying before I even got out of the waiting room. I held together so well over this past weekend. If you had asked me on Friday or Saturday, I would have told you that I was disappointed but not surprised that the cycle failed. Yes, I was concerned about the repeated 9 day luteal phase, but I didn't shed a single tear. Until I walked into the RE office this morning.

This appointment was with one of my favorite nurses, and her first question "How are you doing?" set me crying again. After verifying that Confuterus was still in there, she checked the ovaries and WHY HELLO THERE giant cyst on Rightie! Leftie had a bunch of little follies prepping to go, but Rightie had one huge cyst left over from that one huge Follie of Fail.

I had a chance to discuss things with her after I retrieved my pants and my dignity. Benched without question, and depending on estrogen levels, I might need to suppress with BCPs before the next round could begin. She told me that my official RE was in today and would be reviewing my results, but she felt like it was time for me to go ahead and schedule another consult with him. Even she agreed that the plan as it stands would need changing. When my eyes started leaking again, she suggested I avail myself of the free counselor they keep on staff.

Free counselor on staff? Uh... OK. Done.

Another cool thing about my clinic is that whichever nurse sees you for monitoring is the nurse that calls you later in the day to discuss your results and next steps. This means she already knows where you're "at" and it makes the follow up more comfortable. So when she called, she knew what my questions and concerns had been and had the answers ready.

  • Estrogen only slightly high, no suppression needed (relief).
  • Another round of GonalF (dosage tweaked again)
  • AM/PM progesterone supps + oral progesterone (we'll see)

I'm kinda bummed that I'm benched for Leftie's month and will be trying this adjusted plan with Rightie AGAIN. I need to be sure to ask my RE what he plans to do to get a better response out of Rightie next time.


  1. So sorry about the cyst and being benched next cycle. If it makes you feel any better I will be right there with you. I always end up on birth control between cycles. Makes things so long. Sending you good thoughts.

  2. I also have a favorite nurse at my Dr's office and she always makes me cry. I guess I feel comfortable with her. Sorry you are benched this month. It's cool that they offer counseling at the office. Something you might want to check out. I wish my Dr's office did that. ((HUGS))

  3. Being benched has got to suck balls. I'm really sorry, babe.