Saturday, September 11, 2010


I've lost so much since we started down the path to expand our family. Innocence, naivete, dreams, one pregnancy, untold amounts of sleep, the ability to plan anything more than two weeks in the future... Occasionally my mind but never any weight. My sense of being valuable as a wife and employee, of being adequate to the task at hand (otherwise known as daily life), my motivation to care for and improve myself...

IF FOUND, please notify me ASAP!


  1. Oh, I think so many will relate to those feelings. We lose ourselves in this journey of trying to create our family. Forgetting the person prior to all this nightmare. There's no easy way to "snap out of it" but perhaps with baby steps you can find yourself again. I would really encourage you to do one thing (at least once a week) that makes you happy. Is it a cooking class, a book club, a nigh out. Whatever it may be. I know it seems impossible to find the energy to do anything like that, but I promise you that it will help... a little at least. I'm here whenever you want to talk.

  2. Can definitely hard to keep believing in ourselves when our bodies aren't doing what they're supposed to. But I have no doubt you're loved and needed by the people around you. I've seen/read the support you give to people going through their own crap on this journey - don't underestimate the value in that. Really hope you find what you've lost very soon.

  3. Yep, definitely felt ALL of that. Just remember that even in the darkest days there is hope and there is matter what. Hang in there! xoxo