Thursday, May 27, 2010

13 is my Lucky Number

Cycle #13 - December 2009

OK, well, we should have known better than to think we could get lucky so quickly. No biggie. We did see an improvement in my luteal phase, so we just need bigger guns (as it were). The next step was to be Clomid/IUI and before we were cleared for that I needed an HSG, an ultrasound and some bloodwork. The Professor needed an SA. And only 5 days to get all this done if we don't want to sit this cycle out!

Deep breath.

The SA is admittedly a touchy subject for most men. And I can totally see why - both sexes have so much invested emotionally in the ability to reproduce. Fear of failure as a representative of your sex is not gender bound. Neither is the courage to face your fears. I'm sure the Professor was nervous, but he boldly went where he needed to go. My hero! Needless to say, the text he sent me when they called with his results was freaking jubilant.

Super-Sperm (cue triumphant music)!

Higher than average in every factor: quantity, motility, morphology. He aced it! He was so very brave and so very relieved... as was I. At least now we only had my issues to overcome! I even felt a little guilty over this huge advantage we'd been given. So many other couples have so much more to fight.

For my part, the ultrasound and bloodwork all came back clear. All that remained was my HSG. That's for another day.


  1. i was relieved when my hubs SA came back good, it made me feel like there was one less hurdle to jump.

  2. Glad the SA results came back for positive -- I'm a little jealous.

    As for your upcoming HSG, make sure to take some Tylenol. There's some cramping during and after the procedure. Hoping for just as stellar results. I'll be following.