Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beginning Again

Cycle #12

After 10 months and 11 cycles TTC, my midwife sent me straight to the fertility clinic. Why didn't I talk to her sooner? Good effing question. We were just so sure that each cycle would be our last...

At this point, I accepted that we were going to need help. I started getting acupuncture before we even got to the RE. The Professor was taking all the recommended "manly" vitamins to give his boys an extra advantage. We began to discuss the possibility of one or both of us having a "problem". And we resolved to do everything in our power to overcome it.

The day we went for our first consult with the RE, I printed out my cycle spreadsheet and took it along with all of the other forms they had us fill out in advance. After 20 minutes of conversation, question and answer, and a review of my spreadsheet, we got a preliminary diagnosis. Luteal Phase Deficiency. Barring any other issues, this was imminently treatable! No problemo! Easy-peasy! As we began to discuss treatment plans, I felt it. I ovulated right there in the office. The previous day OPK had told me it was coming, and there it was.

The RE handed me a prescription for progesterone suppositories to begin that night. We were off and running. For a good twelve days, until my period showed up early.

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