Friday, May 21, 2010

Dad's Biggest Fear

My father's biggest fear from the time I left home home for college was that I would get knocked up before I found a husband. Funny, huh? He actually begged me once (after the Professor and I shacked up) to "please just don't get pregnant till you get married". Oh how I did laugh!

Diagnosed at the age of 15 with severe dysmenorrhea (with the expectation of eventual endometriosis), ovulation was so painful that it landed me in the ER repeatedly, and my periods were so painful, heavy and extended that I missed school each month and eventually became anemic. Treatment prescribed was good old birth control pills, and suddenly my life was changed.

I tried to go off my pills once in my twenties and landed right back in the ER. So back on the pills, and back in the game. Never a late period, never an "uh-oh" moment.

I used to joke to friends that if I ever got knocked up, they would know it was immaculate conception. Not far from the truth, and not so funny anymore.

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  1. LOL when I moved out (at the age of 21) my dad said to me, "Finish college, save your money, and don't get pregnant!"

    So I a few years ago I told him his list and said, "Hey I did all these things!"