Friday, September 16, 2011

IVF The Do-Over, Please Hold

Yesterday was CD1 as expected.

Yesterday I was home sick from work with a cold.

Yesterday we had a plumber in first thing to make some updates in our basement before we start our post-flood renovations. No water in the house for several hours.

I called to report to the RE right after breakfast, and they wanted me to be there for a 2pm baseline. Exactly what I wanted to do in my unshowered, snot-filled haze. I was also a little concerned that they might cancel the cycle due to excessive snot, but apparently, as long your excessive snot isn't overheated with a fever, you're OK.

The RE Himself did the scan and the ovaries look quiet. Just a few tiny follicles on the left gearing up... or perhaps I should hope they were actually settling down.

Today I am still home sick from work.

Today I missed the call with my blood results.

Turns out my progesterone is elevated. I gather from the rambling message the nurse left that this is a problem. So now I get to worry all day today that this cycle will be cancelled before it even starts and then I go in early tomorrow (Saturday, day of rest and my dreaded birthday) to have the progesterone rechecked before I can (please, please, please) start stimming Saturday night.

Thus, I am hoping those little follicles were corpus luteum (luteii?) that were just settling back down (since the scan was on CD1). If I just think that hard enough, it should do the trick, right?


  1. That's super frustrating! I hope that everything checks out ok tomorrow so you can start stimming!

  2. I hope so! Urgh. Sorry things aren't going smoothly. Crossing my fingers for you. And feel better!!

  3. I'll join in with you in thinking it as hard as I can to make it true.

  4. Oh, I really hope it does the trick! Good luck and feel better!

  5. Please, please, please universe let this cycle get moving. Hoping for good news today and that you feel better soon.
    Oh, and Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your ice cream cake.