Saturday, March 16, 2013

Brought to You By the Letter B

  • BOY - Inhabitant is Team Blue! We had our follow up scan to get the rest of the measurements (all good, kiddo measuring slightly ahead as usual), cervix and placenta doing just fine and we have an official sex ID. We can now refer to the offspring as "He". And He is very active. He also feels very strongly about mealtimes. I get a flurry of kicks and punches every time I eat. This is immensely reassuring.
  • Boobs - Had a bit of a scare here this week. I have developed what *may* be mastitis, but no one can confirm this. It doesn't hurt or itch, but things are pink and warm and inflamed. Midwife gave me antibiotics which made no difference, so I got an urgent appointment for a breast ultrasound. While this failed to yield a diagnosis, it did uncover two small masses in one breast, one of which needed a biopsy. It turned out to be cyst, so a HUGE relief. I am now off to a dermatologist to try again for a diagnosis as I am unwilling to just keep trying different antibiotics in the hope that one will do the trick. Sigh.
  • Belly - Totally eclipsed by the boobs (in size). At my almost-20 week weigh in, I was up a total of six pounds from my pre-BFP weight. My mom gained twelve total with me, so six seems OK for the halfway point. I'm pretty sure five of those pounds are in my bra. My belly still looks more bloated than anything. I was a little concerned about this, but the scan shows the Inhabitant is growing just fine, even slightly ahead of schedule. Must just be how I'm built. I admit, I feel like it would be nice to actually look pregnant. Only one person has guessed at work so far. They asked my boss (but not me?), and haven't said anything aside from that.
  • Basketcase - I finally broke down and bought the Baby Bargains book in an effort to prepare myself for the onslaught of stuff that will need to be acquired in order to support the Inhabitant once he makes it to the outside. I made it about half way through the first section (discussion of nursery furniture, specifically cribs) and freaked right the fuck out. Ended up hiding under the duvet in tears. One week later and I'm not exactly certain why I freaked out, but I just couldn't deal. I asked Twitter for some advice and after a brief chat with Prof, we decided just to check at the Ikea near his Mom's house later. Neither of us is up to thinking that far ahead just yet. Ostrichville, I tell you.


  1. Yay!! A Boy! I get a little irrationally excited whenever a bloggie has a boy. I don't know if you are like me-- a girly girl, with lots of sisters and not much little boy experience. If so, you are in for a wonderful time learning all about your new little dude. Well, either way you are in for a wonderful experience.

    Ostrich-ville is okay. I stayed completely in Ostrich-ville until around 26 weeks.

  2. Boys are da bomb!! I can say this from experience. Glad everything is going well (except the boob itch-- that sounds very annoying). And it's ok to wait to buy stuff-- all you really need is a car seat and a bassinet. Half way there!

  3. I know I've been a terrible commenter and I'm sorry. But I kept this marked unread on my reader because I couldn't let it pass by without a HURRAH for the letter B! And I love that your little B is so active!

  4. I swear I have more furniture for my baby than I ever thought I would need: a swing, a bounce seat, crib, changing table, bassinet, rock n play, car seat, stroller, and glider. He's six weeks old and honestly we use the car seat and rock n play.
    Everything else is hit or miss because honestly he'd rather be held.
    The one thing you will definitely want whether you breastfeed or not is a boppy or similar type pillow. This thing has saved my arms and life, because I can keep him on my lap with my arms around him so I'm holding him but not killing my arms. :)

    Yay team blue!!

  5. Hooray for a boy! And sorry about the boobies!

  6. Baby boys are the best!!! So genuinely sweet and so much mama love built into them! Congrats ;). Also, the weight gain and belly size *should* pick up some now that you are in the 2nd half.

    Dont get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you "need". Im sure its even more overwhelming considering your journey to this point. Keep it simple. Maybe ask some moms what was the 1 thing they couldnt live without in the beginning. For me, the glider and Aiden & Anais blankets. Not sure what it is about them... they are just perfect for everything! Pickle still uses them everyday :D

    Leasa (@projparenthood)