Monday, January 21, 2013

Homework (or 2012 in Review)

Back in December, one of my twitter friends mentioned that she felt like she hadn't done anything in 2012 besides trying to (and failing to) become a parent. Knowing this to be untrue, I assigned her some homework. I told her I wanted to see a list of at least one fun/cool/brave thing she had done for each month of 2012 outside of family building efforts.

Upon reflection, I decided that I should make my own list to remind me that 2012 was more than just the Year of the Donor Egg. Without further ado:

January - Prof and I went outside and took nighttime self-portraits in a snowstorm.
February - BFF(H) came for a long weekend and we all went night sledding.
March - I kind of lost March... we had an early spring and I know I did a lot of gardening.
April - I donated the last of my unused IVF meds to another couple with no Rx coverage.
May - I met @thisispersonal and she bought me my first martini in NYC.
June - Prof and I planted an herb garden along the side of our house.
July - I tried dragon fruit for the first time and my mom came for a visit.
August - We attended the wedding of a long time friend.
September - I turned 40 and survived the experience.
October - Prof and I took a torchlight tour of our local cemetery.
November - I voted. Not my first time, but it always feels like such a big deal.
December - Spent the holidays with all four of our parents in the same house.

I also thought I'd follow up on my New Year's Resolutions from 2012. I think we only missed one month of photos (March again... what on earth was I doing in March?). I also managed to get cards to my grandma all but one month (not March this time) and talked to both of my parents at least once per week, if not always on Sunday. I did not get a new job title, though it was a near miss. I did at least get the pay raise that was supposed to accompany the new job title. So pretty good results. My resolution for this year may just be to keep it up.


  1. Sounds like a pretty successful year! I need to try dragon fruit! Was it good?!

  2. What a good idea, one cool/fun/brave thing!
    But have to admit that deciding and doing DE IVF is the first thing that comes to mind (for almost every month)
    Will think about this. (or most likely cheat and reread my blog)

    But I remember trying kaki fruit in December for the first time
    yum ;-)

  3. I should do the same and think back over the past year to what I was doing besides trying to conceive and being on bed rest. I think you did pretty darn well.

  4. Wonderful!! Okay, I have to get my butt in gear and do my homework! You did such a good job I have a lot to live up to here.

  5. Cool idea! And one worth doing every year, no matter what we're facing that year because so much of life escapes us while we're just getting through the workweek or this-or-that busy time or event we don't want to go to or whatever. (I hope someday you can come to Chicago and I'll buy you some drink that Chicago is known for! Which is what?, um, beer?)

  6. I think this is very cool - particularly because you wanted to focus on the parts of your life outside of the fabulous BFP you got last year. There is no denying that 2012 was HUGE in that regard, but the truth is that life is about SO MUCH MORE. And this is a wonderful reminder!

    I need to work on 2013 resolutions... something more concrete and important than drop 5 pounds...