Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good, Bad & Ugly

GOOD: Beta #3 came back over 4,300 which means it continues to more-than-double every 48 hours. The clinic is very pleased, so they don't need any more bloodwork. Our first ultrasound will be late next week.


BAD: I have had three asthma attacks in eight days requiring my rescue inhaler. My midwife told me about 30% of pregnant women with asthma will see an increase in attacks. Once again, I am the "lucky" one.


UGLY: Lots of spotting this morning... all brown/beige. No cramping. I called the clinic and the nurse assured me that this was quite normal and as long as it stayed brown and there were no cramps, I should try not to worry. Easier said than done. It seems to have cleared up. Here's hoping it stays that way.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.


  1. I spotted too (brown/beige) during the first trimester. Sporadically for two or three weeks if I recall. Freaked me out too, but all was fine. Yay for the numbers, boo on the asthma attacks. Excited for your first ultrasound!

  2. Spotting at 6 weeks made me cry all day. Brown can be survived, even two embies did survive that.
    It took a few days before all the brown stopped, much to my relief. Just keep taking your meds (I know you know, but still, it's the only thing you can do.)
    Take care of yourself, stay hydrated, and wishing you good luck.

  3. spotting during pregnancy is all kinds of horrifying...I had some spotting with L and all turned out to be just fine. Try to keep the faith. I had to keep repeating to myself: "everything is fine until I know otherwise." and somehow that helped. Hang in til the first ultrasound. thinking of you!

  4. So sorry about the spoting that does not help with the anxiety but really is very common and survivable. Hoping it and the asthma stop (NOW). That is a beautiful beta--let's focus on that!

  5. Hoping for only good things for you. Can't wait to find out what the ultrasound says.

  6. Spotting is scary. Hugs to you. It doesn't mean anything is wrong, necessarily. The unknowing is the hardest part. Just take it one day at a time, all you can do.