Friday, September 28, 2012

Paying Our Dues (UPDATED)

We handed in our payment for our upcoming donor egg cycle today.

First thing this morning, we went to the bank to get a cashiers check for the clinic. It should be noted that I NEVER go into the bank. I normally do everything either online or at the ATM, but this had to be done in person. Due to amount on the check, we had to provide the payee name. I deliberately did not look at the teller when I handed her the form. When she handed us the transaction receipt, I didn't see the processing fee so I asked her which account she took it from and she just waved a hand and said, "Don't worry about it". It was only five dollars, but it was a nice gesture so I thanked her and we left.

As we got into the car, Prof mentioned that he always seems to get that same teller when he goes to the bank and they always chat. I commented that it was nice of her to waive the check fee and he told me that he was looking at her face when I handed her the form and "she went soft around the eyes when she read it".

All of our paperwork has been signed and delivered.
Our cycle is paid in full.
My meds have been delivered.
My mid-cycle monitoring has been scheduled.
I start my shots in a little more than week.
We will know our results by American Thanksgiving.

UPDATED: By some minor miracle, my insurance covered all of MY meds for this cycle except the Lup.ron (which is only $200). They weren't covered for the mock cycle, but they are this time. And switching the estrogen patches to a different brand in order to get a smaller patch meant they were covered too - nearly 60 patches for just a $35 copay. I hope these are signs of good things to come and not the universe trying to soften the blow.


  1. I went teary in the eyes when I read that. What a nice gesture even though small in the scheme of things. I am hoping and praying so hard for you guys.

  2. Really hoping that this one works! Good luck!

  3. Please please let this be the beginning of your welcome in the good luck and good news universe for so many weeks to come. Hoping for you. How very exciting.

  4. What a sweet story about the bank teller. It's not the monetary value of the gesture that counts, but the desire to somehow give support to a relative stranger. Very touching. I see good things in your future. It just seems like the universe is starting to cooperate a bit...

  5. Beautiful news! Praying so much for you, you guys deserve this!!

  6. Oh small mercies mean so much. Good news on the insurance, hope there's a bun and a turkey in the oven come the end of November! Good luck!

  7. Wishing you a beautifully blessed Thanksgiving. My fingers are crossed for you (as it sounds like that teller's are, too).