Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blast From the Past

And not in a good way. Y'all remember Dr. Hate? The RE who schooled me for being distressed because I only had one follicle and wonky E2 levels on my last official IUI before getting pointed to IVF... and then dismissed my concerns with "It only takes one."

I saw her today while I was out picking up lunch. GUT PUNCH. She landed a big fancy new job and her office is very near mine.

It took every ounce of restraint I possess not to slap her right there at the cash register. I'm sure she didn't even recognize me, but just seeing her made me go all hot and ugly words started bubbling up in my throat. It made me wonder if she has any idea how much loathing there is for her in the world (because I know for a fact that I'm not the only patient she talked to like that).

Yeah, I know... holding onto that anger is not healthy and I really need to let it go, but DAMN.


  1. Yeah I know a few doctors that feel a lot of hate towards for their stupidity.

  2. Wow some doctors and nurses really just have no idea how much shit people with infertility go through and therefore have no idea how to treat or speak to some of their patients. It's really sad. I had such a bad experience with a doc several years ago that I refused to go and see another doctor about my fertility it was time that was wasted but I was legitimately discouraged. I felt like they were being paid to help but all I got was dismissed because I was 25 and "still had time" well I had already been etc since I was 20 now I'm 28 and no baby almost a decade later. I don't blame you for feeling angry doctors are supposed to help and that one failed you.