Saturday, July 9, 2011

Without A Doubt

I've been taking my DHEA for over a week now. The warnings on the bottle are a little alarming. There is even one that warns against use by women of childbearing age... which was, as I'm sure you can imagine, a little confusing. I had a persistent headache for the first five days or so, but that has abated now, thank goodness. I have also had VERY vivid dreams, just before waking, every day since I started taking the DHEA. Not nightmares or sexy dreams, just weird nonsense dreams that I remember clearly after waking (which is unusual for me).

I did a little online research and read some promising things about this treatment. Things that actually gave me hope. I almost wish I hadn't. Because as much as DHEA appears to increase the odds of a successful pregnancy in circumstances like mine, we all know there are NEVER any guarantees are there? There will always be someone for whom things just don't work out. If that's going to be me, it would be so much easier to go into it without much hope. I'd rather not have to deal with the crash. I wish there was some way to know in advance if I will be one of the lucky women for whom DHEA is the answer.

Our local S*bux has a Magic Eight-Ball on the pick-up counter. We stopped in on our way home this evening, and of course I just had to go there. The answer:

Without a doubt.


  1. :-)
    Wouldn't it be great if we knew for sure that magic 8 balls were always right?
    Man, would that make things easier.

  2. Keep that in your mind and I hope with all my heart it comes true.

    I have also heard many people have success with DHEA- I took it for a short time before IVF 3 and so far so good.

    I know what you mean about the warnings on the labels- so many of the drugs prescribed in IVF have those warnings. It's caused me some sleepless nights but in the end I believe it's just there for the lawyers.

  3. I got the stink-eye from the woman at Wh*le-Paycheck when I bought DHEA. She was very reluctant to sell it to me, so I understand your worries. But, heck, if it works...