Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just to Hear Myself Talk

Still trying to manage direct contact with my original RE (really need a name for him) to discuss next steps in regards to the saline sono-thing and the polyps. I left a message, but have not received a call-back. I'll try again Monday. Not critical yet as the whole records transfer thing is still in process, but I just want to feel like I have a plan of action. I'm really in limbo at the moment. Not quite Hell, but it sucks all the same.

Tick-tock, people. Tick. Tock.

Professor is home safe and sound, no further airplane malfunctions. He did opt-out of the nudie scanners and got thoroughly groped for it. He also caught a bug and has been a little under the weather, but all in all, just glad to have him back.

We ordered a new fridge and stove on Saturday. The ones we have now came with the house when we bought it and have seen better days. Neither were much to speak of when they were new, and that was clearly a long time ago. We had hoped to have the new ones in place for Thanksgiving, but alas, that was not to be. I am inordinately excited by the prospect of new appliances. I keep catching myself giggling at the prospect of loading up my fancy new fridge shelves. And an ice-maker! At last! With these appliances installed, our kitchen will be done! We have been working on it little by little since we bought the house over four years ago. I think the master bedroom may be next...

This will be a busy week. I have a haircut and we are double-dating with BFF(B) and her DH on Tuesday - to see HP7! We also have rather a lot of housekeeping to get done as we are hosting my Dad and both of Prof's parents for Thanksgiving this year (thus the hope for the early appliance delivery).

May not be posting again before the holiday, so just in case:

Happy Thanksgiving! Try not throttle anyone!


  1. New appliances make me so giddy. I was so happy when we got a new fridge and dishwasher. Unfortunately, the excitement has since worn off and loading the dishwasher is as boring as ever now.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck with the hosting.

  2. Happy thanksgiving! I hope that they get back to you soon so you can plan. That would drive me nuts.

  3. Ooooh. Kitchen remodel. Do we get pics? Please?

  4. Happy thanksgiving and I hope the appliances get there in time!!

  5. I hope you get the call back before Thanksgiving so you can make some plans.

    Yay for the new appliances - I bought all new appliances when I bought this house, and the excitement didn't wear off for months! I still don't have an ice-maker, though - I don't have space for such a big fancy fridge in this kitchen.

    Happy Thanksgiving - hope all goes well. The best thing about hosting is that if anything gets too much for you, you can just bustle off to the kitchen and bang some pans around. xx

  6. Ugh, I HATE limbo! It's almost as bad as the fricken 2ww! I hope that you get things sorted out asap so that you can move on to the next steps seamlessly. Happy Thanksgiving!!